Commercial Pest Control
An area of expertise we take pride in servicing


General Exterminating offers commercial pest control services to businesses in a wide variety of industries. No matter if your business is in a commercial office space or a large warehouse, we tailor the solutions to fit your needs. Dedicated to outstanding customer service, we respond to your request within 24 hours and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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We offer several services in order to keep your office pest free. Drawing from our decades of experience in pest control…

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For hospitals and healthcare providers, pest control is critical! No exception to have 100% control in all public and service areas…
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Pest problems are not only bothersome for restaurants and commercial kitchens, they can destroy the businesses…

Constant traffic, digging and disturbing land masses, zones under construction are particularly sensitive to pest problems…
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We all want a clean and safe environment for our children. Pests can enter through doors, windows, vents, plumbing, cracks in walls…

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Hotels and Hospitality Centers must be pest free. Large open areas, bathrooms, bedrooms & food prep areas are all susceptible…
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For commercial retailers, pest control is vital to protect both real estate and commodities, as well as the health of staff…

With constant traffic going through, warehouses and factories are particularly sensitive to pest problems…

Your Initial Service Visit may include:

  • An inspection and evaluation of your property
  • Knockdown of spider webs, egg sacs, and wasp nests from the exterior of the house
  • Installation of monitoring devices in areas of home to assess insect and rodent activity
  • Installation of exterior bait stations around the foundation and interior bait stations if necessary
  • Exterior barrier treatment around the foundation and up to two out-buildings to control general crawling insects
  • Treatment focused away from the foundation to create a wide barrier of protection around the structure to control crawling insects
  • Exterior residual treatment along soffits and any potential access points to control wasps and flying insects
  • Sealing of any obvious access points around the structure (i.e. v-channels and pipe entrances) with closed-cell expandable foam
  • Preventative baiting for ants inside home as necessary
  • Additional control measures depending on the level of protection you choose

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Entry Points: Pests can enter your business in many ways, including through doors, windows, vents, plumbing, cracks or holes in walls and floors, or via supplier deliveries.
Water Sources: Pests require water daily, which means water fountains, restrooms, faulty drains, condensation from air conditioning systems and other types of plumbing are attractive breeding grounds.
Food Sources: Even minor sanitation mishaps provide adequate food for pests. Cockroaches will eat almost anything – from hair to glue used in cardboard boxes.
Harborage Points: Rodents and cockroaches seek living spaces that are small and dark. Little cracks and crevices throughout your facility can provide breeding and living areas for pests.
Customer/Employee Areas: Areas like break rooms are critical exposure points. Protecting your customers and staff from unsightly and unhealthy exposure to pests is essential to your business’ success – and to your bottom line.

General Exterminating controls most any crawling pest. Additional pests we treat are listed but not limited to: ants, bees, beetles, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, scorpions, spiders (including Black Widows), stored product pests (pantry pests), fleas and ticks.

Throughout the Valley bed bugs are quickly spreading. Bed Bugs do not infest dirty homes as many have been led to believe. These pests will infest a million dollar home just as quickly and easily as they will a 35 year old mobile home. Most of the products available to the public are not effective at controlling these bugs. These little pests have built up a resistance to the insecticide and have developed the ability to detect and avoid insecticides altogether. Thus, Bed Bug Control is multi-faceted. The initial treatment is very in-depth and can take several hours when executed properly. The homeowner must also be heavily involved with the treatment if success is expected. In most cases follow-up treatments are required.
All bees in the Valley that are wild should be considered Africanized. It is of the utmost importance that you are equipped with the proper protective clothing as as well as equipment and chemical when exterminating bees. Depending on the placement of the hive, treatment could be as simple as a bee suit and a commercial hand-sprayer with unscented dish soap. If it is possible to minimize chemical dispersal into our surrounding environment, General Exterminating will do so. In most cases, General Exterminating will destroy the hive and remove the comb when possible.In more extreme cases, it may be necessary to open walls to remove inactive hives and then repair the structure.
Bird-related problems can lead to lost business, contaminated products and expensive damage to building exteriors. Some bird species harbor diseases that can be transmitted to humans and are classified as public health threats. Bird droppings are also problematic, as bird waste can ruin building finishes and create unsanitary conditions. The droppings can also be expensive to clean up.
We begin by performing a thorough inspection of the property. After determining the rodent pressure we will then employ the use of multiple tactics, e.g., snap traps, glue boards, live traps (ketch-all), bait stations, exclusion, etc. Following the initial placement, each bait station will then be replenished with fresh uncontaminated bait during the regular pest control service for a nominal fee. Areas with rodent pressure may require a maintenance program.
General Exterminating provides termite control solutions for residential as well as commercial properties. General Exterminating’s preferred treatment method involves the application of the product TERMIDOR however there are many quality products to fit your specific needs. General Exterminating warranties all complete treatments.