PEST CONTROLMonthly & Bi-Monthly Services.

At General Exterminating, protecting Arizona families and their homes from nuisance and potentially dangerous insects and rodents is our priority. We accomplish this by implementing effective year-round home pest control services that are designed to eliminate pest activity and stop bugs and rodents from returning.

Whether you’re looking for a plan that combats ants, spiders, and other common household pests or added protection from ticks and mosquitoes, we have a home protection plan that will suit your needs and your budget. Our two most cost effective services are our Monthly & Bi-Monthly Pest Control.

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PEST CONTROLPest Management Services for Your Business.
(Pests, Rodents, Bees, Birds & More)

At General Exterminating, we understand you want a business that is free of insects and rodents and you want to know how our company is going to achieve that.

We work closely with you and your team to develop a full treatment plan that addresses your company’s pest pressures. We inspect your facility, identify if pests exist or conditions are right for the existence of pests, develop a plan of action that stops pests and prevents future problem, start treatment and monitor to ensure that insects and rodents are not re-infesting.

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WEED CONTROLComprehensive Residential &
Commercial Weed Control Services

General Exterminating professionally applies pre-emergent at six month intervals (per label direction). In the event weed growth has breached the application General Exterminating shall return and apply a post-emergent to control said weed growth.

Pre-emergent applications will control 90-95% of normal weed growth when applied consistently (per label directions) and at appropriate intervals.

It is essential that the application be properly moved into the top 1/2 inch of soil by rainfall or artificial irrigation within 21 days of application to provide maximum control.

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T A P INSULATIONSeal Gaps & Spaces Closing Pests’ Points of Entry
T.A.P. Insulation Adds a Pest Barrier & Reduces Utility Costs.

Most homes have openings around the base of the exterior as well as at the entry points (doors, windows, plumbing, lighting, etc) of the home. In many cases painters caulk to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish BUT ARE NOT concentrating on keeping pests out of the home. General Exterminating finds these gaps and spaces and fills them with a variety of sealants that expand and contract keeping the barrier secure.

Your attic and can be a popular route of entry for pests several months each year. Adding T.A.P. Insulation right over the top of existing insulation provides a pest barrier in your entire attic and has an added benefit of reducing utility costs. Don’t let rodents, birds and other animals use your attic as harborage leaving fecal material contamination and causing harm to internal electrical wiring.

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