• General Exterminating provides a weed control program that consists of two applications of pre-emergent per year (six month intervals).
  • Pre-emergent will control most weeds at the point of germination however plantings already growing will not be affected
  • In the event you have existing weeds we will apply a post emergent as well.
  • If you have existing vegetation (weeds) it is best to treat when they are between two (2) and six (6) inches tall.
  • The post-emergent will take between fourteen (14) & (21) twenty-one days to see results depending on nighttime temperatures.
  • After the application of both a pre and post emergent it is best to allow 48 hours to pass before any water is applied to the treated area.
  • The pre-emergent requires one half inch of rainfall or artificial irrigation within twenty one days of the application to be most effective.


It is important to remember that these herbicides do not eliminate 100% of your weeds but rather 80-95%. There will always be the possibility of a weed or two however it will be manageable. We at General Exterminating believe we provide a service second to none and will stand behind our work. In the event weed pressure becomes excessive we will return to retreat the affected area. If you’re going to be away for an extended period of time we can arrange to stop by and check the property on a regular basis for a very nominal fee. Some clients prefer to use this service on an as needed basis usually requesting an application once per year, however, they will never achieve the full control most expect.

Pre-Emergent Application

Application Type: Liquid.
Lingering Odor: None.
Residual Evidence: Non-Staining.
Environmental Concerns: Safe on plants.
Effective: Restricts weeds from germinating, DOES NOT kill existing weeds.

Post-Emergent Application

Application Type: Liquid and/or Granular.
Systemic Application: Used on perennial weeds, absorbed directly into plant.
Contact Application: Used on annuals and smaller weeds, kills foliage.
Selective Herbicides: Used to target certain weeds
Non-selective Herbicides: Used for broad weed control.